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Maris Media Group Inc.
David Dodge
Magazine Editor
Kelly Eros
Social Media
Alan Howat
Marketing & Business Development
Robert Stefanescu

Our Mission


We heighten the awareness of green business in Canada to encourage shared environmental responsibility. We dothis through media presence, networking events, tradeshows and giving back to the community.

Green Business Canada works with leaders and influencers to affect green change and share responsibility for our planet. We believe that the green movement will be accelerated by collaborating and sharing ideas, knowledge and resources. We are committed to providing the required forum to help build strategic partnerships and enable this sharing.

Our founders are passionate about environmental issues and making positive changes in our communities.

Our Newsletter

10 Reasons to Advertise with Us!

1.  Four publications per year, published on website and in print.

2. National and international exposure

3. Distribution and subscriptions are free

4. First of its kind – taking a broad view of green initiatives across Canada and industries and bringing it to interested individuals such as you.

5. Each edition will be showcased at a Mixer event in Edmonton.

6. Audience includes innovators, leaders/influencers, architects, engineers, land developers, construction, homebuilders, educators, government, etc.

7. We feature Canadian articles on green ventures to accelerate the movement and increase their exposure.

8. We give profits back to the community – sponsoring not-for-profits, rewarding green programs and providing bursaries/scholarships.

9. We feature organizations that take green to heart.

10. If we don’t step up and share in the responsibility of being environmentally conscientious, who will?

“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

Robert F. Kennedy