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NFL Eagles fly on 100% renewable energy

When the 70,000 fans of the Philadelphia Eagles fill the stands to cheer for their NFL team they do it at Lincoln Financial Field a stadium powered by 100 per cent renewable energy. Even more impressive, 40 per cent of the electricity used in the stadium comes from 11,000 solar modules and 14 wind turbines mounted right on the stadium.

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Prince Edward Island rocks wind power

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada. It’s known for Anne of Green Gables, mussels, lobster and some “bright red mud” as Stompin Tom Conners called it in his song Bud the Spud, about the red earth that grows one quarter of all the potatoes in Canada. But, perhaps less famous, for lack of a catchy theme song, is that Prince Edward Island (PEI) also has the highest proportion of wind power of any jurisdiction in North America.

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Green Energy: The highlights of 2015

“Alberta is going to move away from coal and towards clean power,” said Premier Rachael Notley when, in November, she announced a sweeping plan to accelerate the phase out of coal electricity and replace two thirds of it with renewable energy by 2030. She also said Alberta will put a price on carbon pollution and reinvest the money in clean research and technology, green infrastructure, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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