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Home builders embrace net-zero with new labeling program

Until quite recently net-zero homes were pioneered mostly by an early adopter group of passionate, mission driven home builders pursuing the holy grail of a self sufficient home that produces all of its own energy.

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Dawning of the age of affordable net-zero homes

Welcome to the future, a time when your home is energy self sufficient, very comfortable and produces almost no utility bills. Landmark Homes of Edmonton, Alberta has announced one of the lowest-priced net-zero homes in Canada. The Pisa sells for $399,737 all in (incl. GST), a real breakthrough in the evolution of buildings that produce all their own energy on a net-annual basis.

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Solar Thermal 101 – getting to net-positive

“He wanted as much solar power as he could get on that building so we’ve maximized the density,” says Jackman. Maximizing density in this case meant installing six solar thermal collectors to produce heat and hot water and five kilowatts of solar PV to produce electricity.

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Earthship living in a cold Canadian winter

When we last visited the Kinney Earthship it was a smokin’ hot 30 degrees Celsius outside. Michael Reynolds and his crew from Earthship Biotecture, along with a group of volunteers, were just finishing work on this radically sustainable home. An earthship is an off-grid home that produces its own energy, captures its own water, treats its own wastewater, grows its own food and passively collects the sun’s energy for heat.

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