Imagine getting from Edmonton to Calgary within 90 minutes and for less than $100 or Saskatoon to Winnipeg or Regina to Calgary; we see a network connecting Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, and Winnipeg. Now imagine you’re sitting back and watching the scenery with a glass of wine and a buttery, flaky croissant in your hands while someone else drives at 300 KMH. This reality is much closer than you may think.

Green Business Canada is proposing on a high-speed train system that will move a large mass of people efficiently, on a system that is sustainable and utilizes green clean technology, and is affordable to the rider while providing a positive impact on economy and employment. It’s a big challenge but it can be done.

Benefits to a High-Speed Train System

  • Allows people to travel faster and easier
  • Less expensive than flying
  • Makes hi-ways safer with giving people an option as affordable as driving
  • Allows people to commute, work, and shop in different cities
  • Connects families living in different cities
  • Brings in new tourism revenue and jobs
  • Reduces the number of cars on the road
  • Reduces the amount of land used for parking
  • Reduction in costs for first responders and health care workers

Not only does it sound great, it’s also feasible. Here’s the information by the numbers:

High Speed Train Information

  • Population of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta is 6.5 million.
  • Current fuel consumption in the prairie provinces is 22 billion litres a year; a 15-cent a litre tax on fuel would generate 3 Billion a year toward construction costs
  • Latest estimate to build this network is 24 Billion Dollars
  • Estimated cost of operations – $160 million/year
  • Estimated revenue – $307 million/year (ridership of 8,500/day or 1700 people in each city)
  • Economic impact of employment & construction each year from operation of service, plus the money injected into the economy from construction would be 2 Billion plus.
  • To replace the current tax on fuel our proposal is to raise money for city road infrastructure by imposing a toll of $ .35 on crossing bridges and to maintain and improve provincial roadways we impose a toll for use of major hi-ways of $ .50; this would cover costs with no burden on the general public.
  • Potential partnerships with companies such as FedEx, UPS and Canada Post or start-up ventures in Western Canada to move express items between cities

Currently, providing people and their cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles as well was public and alternative transportation is putting pressure on transportation infrastructure and resources. And as fossil fuels are being replaced with renewable energy resources, it makes sense for the province of Alberta to invest in the future instead of staying with the status quo. Let’s use this idea to create employment and business opportunities for our up & coming generations of Canadians. The dream is to connect of Canada truly a National dream for the next 150 years.

How can you help make a high-speed train a reality?

We live in a society that believes it is a right, not a privilege to drive a car and want access to a never-ending and forever expanding infrastructure to support their driving needs. To change this, vehicle owners can support systems, like a high-speed train, that provides options and reduce the volume of traffic on the roads.

There’s also a large segment of our society that chooses not to own or operate a motor vehicle, which challenges cities and municipalities with having resources to meet the ever-growing demand for public and alternate transit.

The current system is failing us and it’s up to citizens to encourage our municipal leaders to put policies in place to ensure our systems function for the benefit of everyone while looking into the future. The question isn’t when, it’s why not now? We deserve to have an environmentally friendly, fast, inexpensive, and safe way to get from city to city quickly without the added stress of highway driving.

Want to get involved?

The best way to move this forward is to engage all levels of government; let’s start a conversation; with your support, Green Business Canada will fund a website and help in staging forums, public events, etc.

Together, Green Business Canada and the citizens of the prairies can be the innovative force to get this high-speed train up and running while showing other provinces and cities what can be done. it’s the beginning of a transportation revolution that will take down the barriers to cross province trips. You’ll be able to take a quick shopping trip to Granville Island or watch your grandson’s score his first hockey goal in Saskatoon without added worry.

Now is the time in history to put this in motion; where we are at the height of fuel consumption; time to take advantage; it is like investing in the technology that will replace the current norm of transportation. We need to move all people more efficiently and not just in cars.

Let’s dream big and achieve bigger realities.