Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA)

OSEA is a respected advocate, facilitator and business catalyst bringing the public, commercial and community sustainable energy sector and their supporters together to address emerging trends and the development of healthy, prosperous and ecologically sustainable communities across Ontario.

Decentralised Energy Canada (DEC)

Our vision is a sustainable energy future where affordable, efficient and reliable DE technologies are deployed in community driven markets and enabled by progressive policies and legislation

Skyfire Energy

SkyFire Energy is Western Canada’s leading solar provider with offices and staff in both Calgary and Edmonton. Since 2001, SkyFire has designed and installed hundreds of grid connected and off grid solar power systems in eight provinces and territories. SkyFire provides turnkey PV systems including system engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning by the most experienced solar professionals in the industry.


At the core of GrowTEC is the farm scale anaerobic digester (Biogas facility) which converts biodegradable waste into four by-products: methane, heat, effluent irrigation water, and soil amendments that are nutrient-rich and pathogen-free. The methane (biogas) generated by the AD is then converted into bioenergy.

Lethbridge BioGas

Lethbridge Biogas uses an anaerobic digestion process operating at 38 degree C for the production of renewable energy. Anaerobic means ‘in the absence of oxygen’.


Sustainival was born from the question: “How can we engage millions of people in a meaningful and spectacular conversation about sustainability?”

Eco-Solar Home Tour

The Eco-Solar Tour is an organization that organizes free open house style tours of homes and businesses that display practical and timely examples of sustainability including: renewable energy (solar, wind, and geothermal), energy security, energy efficiency, water efficiency, low emission technologies and natural landscaping. You can see how homes and businesses are reducing their utility bills while increasing the quality of our air.

Solar Energy Society of Alberta

The Solar Energy Society of Alberta is the trusted community resource for the widespread understanding and use of solar energy in Alberta

Green Energy Doors Open (GEDO)

a showcase of sustainable energy projects and success stories in provinces across Canada. Every year in early autumn, businesses, organizations, community cooperatives, First Nations groups, municipalities and homeowners open their doors and host events to promote the decentralised sustainable energy initiatives and technologies in their communities. GEDO is free to participate in as a host and to attend, and aims to raise awareness, support, education and enthusiasm around decentralised sustainable energy in Canada.